Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Mayra Barker & Denis Fortier - Sellers (Repeat Clients)

Better than good; excellent quality! This is the third time we've availed ourselves of the superb service Ms. Imseis provides. No time is wasted. The entire process on each occasion was both efficiently and smoothly managed. In all three cases, the sale of our home, the purchase of a condo and now, a few years later, the sale of the same condo, have all taken place surprisingly quickly and for prices that suited our expectations. We relied on her welcomed professional advice, which we believe is what expedited matters each time. We particularly appreciated in this latest sale, the ease with which signing the paperwork was facilitated safely and swiftly online thanks to the marvels of modern technology. Without a doubt, the real estate service provided by this laudable professional has always been effective and without question, highly reliable.

By: Katherine Rancier & Kyle Donaldson - Sellers

It makes us very happy to recommend Sabrina Imseis. As our real estate professional, Sabrina consistently displayed exceptional customer care. She has a very personable nature and is a joy to work with. We were treated with the utmost respect and Sabrina often exceeded our expectations. One particular situation that sticks out to us was the time when Sabrina went to a neighborhood we were interested in, and knocked on doors for us, to see if anyone was willing to sell in the not too distant future. This confirmed that we had found an agent who truly cared and wanted us to find our first home in a neighborhood that was right for us! We both know that Sabrina faced some challenges with our particular needs as first time home buyers. However, Sabrina respected our budget and other specific preferences. Her ability to negotiate and her knowledge of the entire home buying process made our transition to home owners an easy one. Without a doubt, Sabrina made our dream of finding our first home an overall wonderful experience. For all of these reasons, we are confident Sabrina Imseis would make an excellent choice as a real estate professional.

By: Meaghan McCafferty - Seller

My husband and I first met Sabrina when we decided to purchase our first home. Her name was given to us by family and we are so fortunate we were introduced to her! From day one I always felt that Sabrina gave us her full attention, to the point that if another client called or if another appointment came up my response was ‘We aren’t the only ones?!’ Of course we weren’t and rightfully so – everyone wants (and needs) an agent like Sabrina on their side. Purchasing a home can be a rollercoaster but we never felt stressed out, or in over our heads, she had our backs every step of the way which really made it an enjoyable and stress-free experience for us. After a long process of finding the right home for us, many showings and open houses together, even a lunch date in our new town, we feel now that Sabrina is just part of the family, she is personable, attentive, patient, and most of all she actually listened and considered our wishes and wants. She guided us with knowledge and experience but was never over-bearing or made us feel pressured with any decisions. She got to know our families and parents well and really is a friend before a realtor. My favourite thing about Sabrina is her outgoing personality and sense of humour, we clicked right away which made our house-hunting that much more pleasurable and relaxed. I am confident in her ability to find anyone the home they want and in their budget too, I would go back to Sabrina a hundred times and have referred everyone I know to her, she is simply the best!

By: Allan & Suelen Mayer - Sellers

Working with Sabrina on the sale of our house was a great experience. She left no question un-answered and was always very fast getting back to us. Her professionalism and attention to detail as well as her commitment to the client’s needs is what truly sets her apart from all the others. Being in a customer centric business myself, I know very well that the first thing you need to do when you are building a relationship with a new client is listen to their needs and what they expect. This is exactly what Sabrina did and I knew right away that she would be our choice for listing agent. Thank You for the wonderful experience Sabrina.

By: Mayra Barker & Denis Fortier - Sellers

Selling a house that one considers “home” can be an onerous task. We were fortunate however to have been guided through the multiple steps and flurry of paperwork that ensued, by the efficient and personable services of Sabrina Imseis. She was quick to organize an open house for other real estate agents to raise awareness of the various aspects our property offered potential buyers. Consequently, the very next day we had several requests for viewing appointments. We much appreciated Sabrina’s advice on pricing strategies and her daily phone & email updates. To our delight, we sold for just over our asking price; the offer had come in the very next day in which the FOR SALE sign was posted! Sabrina was equally effective in assisting us with the purchase of the condominium we are downsizing to. Her negotiating skills were invaluable in obtaining an extended closing date to facilitate the bridge financing we required between the closing date on our house and that of the condo. Her motto “What’s important to you, is important to me” was certainly lived up to. Thank you very much, Sabrina!