Organization is key

Selling a  house that one considers “home” can be an onerous task.

We were fortunate however to have been guided through the multiple steps and flurry of paperwork that ensued, by the efficient and personable services of Sabrina Imseis.

She was quick to organize an open house for other real estate agents to raise awareness of the various aspects our property offered potential buyers.

Consequently, the very next day we had several requests for viewing appointments. We much appreciated Sabrina’s advice on pricing strategies and her daily phone & email updates.

To our delight, we sold for just over our asking price; the offer had come in the very next day in which the FOR SALE sign was posted!

Sabrina was equally effective in assisting us with the purchase of the condominium we are downsizing to.

Her negotiating skills were invaluable in obtaining an extended closing date to facilitate the bridge financing we required between the closing date on our house and that of the condo. Her motto “What’s important to you, is important to me” was certainly lived up to.

Thank you very much, Sabrina!

— Mayra Barker & Denis Fortier - Sellers