Exceptional Customer Care

It makes us very happy to recommend Sabrina Imseis.

As our real estate professional, Sabrina consistently displayed exceptional customer care. She has a very personable nature and is a joy to work with.

We were treated with the utmost respect and Sabrina often exceeded our expectations. One particular situation that sticks out to us was the time when Sabrina went to a neighborhood we were interested in, and knocked on doors for us, to see if
anyone was willing to sell in the not too distant future. This confirmed that we had found an agent who truly cared and wanted us to find our first home in a neighborhood that was right for us!

We both know that Sabrina faced some challenges with our particular needs as first time home buyers. However, Sabrina respected our budget and other specific preferences. Her ability to negotiate and her knowledge of the entire home buying process made our transition to home owners an easy one.

Without a doubt, Sabrina made our dream of finding our first home an overall wonderful experience.

For all of these reasons, we are confident Sabrina Imseis would make an excellent choice as a real estate professional.

— Katherine Rancier & Kyle Donaldson - Sellers